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Not bad, nice snappy style and vibe.

Got a whole 1980s vibe at the end there with the cool music.

So true and allegorical.
Good job.

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This is one of the best games on NG, no exaggeration. The old-school vibe and independent attitude is a great thing to behold.

The tower activation was a bit tricky but I got the hang of it, reminds me of Elite, Serenity and other sci-fi stuff from the old days.

Keep it up and keep on improving!

Questions: Not sure how you buy or make computers, that option isn't there on the screen, maybe you haven't added it yet?

JamesChapp responds:

Thank you very much for playing cosmodrome =)

It makes me very happy to be part of the NG community and after so many years of seeing so many good things on the portal. Now I am the one with something to contribute.

Regarding how to buy or make computers.
There is a bug that makes the computer resources icon disappear. I will fix it in the next update.
space traders sell computers. through the factions / special trades window.

I plan to create a medical bay module where I can produce medicines. and automated factory modules where to produce machines and computers.

did you find the AUTO SELL button? with which the posters of the ships that want to buy fuel do not appear and accept them automatically?

Regarding the skills.
to produce credits I recommend financial / trade / megawelth that work.
to shoot with the towers and mercenaries the skills weponry or ordnance and pilot.
but station maintenance skills and resource consumption are also important.
complement your skills with those of your officers to explore different strategies.
there are skills that don't work and others that do. I will improve the popups to be more descriptive.

the game can be won in different ways with different strategies.

the game has many hotkeys.
with the "Q" key you select all the units.
with SPACE pause the game
if you press the "Delete" key or delete. gives you credits.

Did you press the "0" key?
You go one level inside the station which simultaneously passes the tower defense outside the station. I'm going to implement that too.
with the key "E" the doors are used and with the "Q" you use or not a weapon. you point and shoot with the mouse.
the idea is to do action scenes inside the station like boardings and things like that.

Thank you for your sympathy

Really vibbing to the neo-cowboy music and flow, but the adversaries are too difficult to shootdown in time IF you run left! They seem to not die without sperging out into you while invulnerable thing in the air just rains down bullets. There should be a way to kill that annoying bastard cat in the air.

So I ran right and made it to level 11, then it changed to 21 levels but wouldn't advance the level counter any further! Did I make it to the right part of town? :D

RowanFuture responds:

You can actually kill the cat-copter but its healthbar is a bit big
(the difficulty curve is just way too high currently)

Interesting band wagon to jump on I guess but the controls in the back rooms are pretty shit to be honest.

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Very cool.

Cool verve and poppy beats.
Who is the lovely Gumi I wonder?

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Love it!

Great job Wiz!

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